The expedition on the last wild mountain river in Europe – the Vjosa river in Albania was completed successfully. In my mind, the project had not only a sporting purpose and an adventure, I also wanted to draw attention to the problem of river regulation, erecting and building dams. Vjosa was saved from the construction of two dams and a power plant. In Poland, many problems with rivers are similar to those in Albania. However, Albania has enormous water resources and Poland has very little water. In the times of a changing climate and increasing droughts, the issue of rivers and their protection may or may not be ours. I came to the conclusion that in order to get to know and understand the river and its unusual environment, I do not need a speedboat or car trips to the shore. I needed to go down the silent, noiseless pontoon with the strength of my own muscles and experience this extraordinary world, not yet destroyed by civilization. Small pontoons allowed our team to experience every kilometer of the river. I am willing to share the collected material and experiences with everyone who cares about river protection. Rafał Król